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About Us

Holy Smokes Craft Beers & Cigars
297 S Willow St
Manchester, NH 03103


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Recently new addition to the Holy Smokes operation is craft beers. We now carry over 800+ different craft beers from local breweries around New England.  It was an easy decision since we are right in the middle of God’s Country for microbreweries.  New Hampshire has the very best selection for craft beers since we are surrounded by Vermont, Maine, and Massachusetts. We have the pick of the litter when it comes to the craft beer selection, and we have them all available for sale.  What could possibly be better than the best cigars matched with the best beers in the universe?

Holy Smokes was founded in 2004 with the help of two high school friends MJ and Bobby L. The same year the Red Sox won the World Series. Coming from a construction background in Boston Massachusetts, the two worked day and night for 5 months straight. They slept on the concert floors in the cigar store since they didn’t have an apartment to go back to, they were pretty much homeless at the time, but that didn’t matter. MJ and Bobby’s goal was to establish a cigar store with one of the largest walk-in humidor with only the best premium cigars available in the New Hampshire area. It was a risky move since the Manchester, NH area had never seen a cigar store like that, but the two managed to pull it off.

” I remember selling a Diamond Crown humidor to a house wife with a screw gun in my hand and paint all over my clothes, we were about a month out from a grand opening. We weren’t officially open to the public since we didn’t have the proper permits at the time, but I wasn’t going to turn down a sale like that”, said MJ. It was gangbusters since day one, and the risk was paying off.

Holy Smokes launched www.holysmokescigars.com in 2004. At the time to get a website to actually work was difficult back then. It took a ton of learning and fine tuning to get the sites to work properly, it was difficult to say the least, but they stuck with it and the site has been getting stronger every day. Holy Smokes does everything in-house, and we don’t contract our sites out because let’s face it, do you think a web guy knows what a Padron Anniversary is? Or a Double Corona? Yeah no.  That’s not happening so we prefer to do it ourselves. With 20 + years of eCommerce experience we’re on top of everything. We now have over thousands of cigars available to purchase online.

Fast forward to today, and we’ve been in business for 20 plus years. It’s crazy how fast time goes. We survived and thrived in the economic collapse in 2009,  Scam Covid Pandemic, and the Clown World Biden Administration. We will continue to charge forward selling the absolute best tax-free cigars on the internet.