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Perdomo 30th Anniversary Box Pressed Cigars

Perdomo 30th Maduro

Perdomo 30th Anniversary


Perdomo 30th Anniversary Connecticut

The  Perdomo 30th Anniversary Connecticut features a beautiful 15-year-old bourbon barrel-aged Ecuadorian Connecticut wrapper. The well-aged wrapper marries brilliantly with the fillers and binder. The fillers are a special blend of 15 year old Nicaraguan tobaccos that deliver a white peppery flavor with a creamy complexity. A perfect purchase if you enjoy mild and smooth cigars.

Perdomo 30th Anniversary Maduro

Boxed Pressed in shape, the Maduro wrapper blends perfectly with Nicaraguan tobaccos that offers rich peppery flavors with a full-bodied strength profile. You’ll taste hints of dark cocoa, coffee, cherry, and sweetness on the finish. A perfect cigar for full bodied cigar lovers. Strong but smooth

Perdomo 30th Anniversary Sun Grown

Wrapped in a 15-year-old bourbon barrel-aged Sun Grown Nicaraguan wrapper which gives it that spicy kick. The sun grown wrapper marries perfectly with the filler tobaccos which are a special blend of 15-year-old Nicaraguan tobaccos. This cigar blend offers rich peppery flavors with a medium bodied strength profile. You’ll taste hints of cherry oak, almonds, nuts, and white pepper on the finish. A magical cigar for medium bodied cigar lovers.